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Aoli's third workers' sports game & technical ability competition in 2016

Release Time:2017-01-11


December 29 at 7:30 am, Austrian force third staff games and skills contest pulled down. Chairman and General Manager Yu Zhaodong, Chief Financial Officer Zhu Aigong, Deputy General Manager Wu Yan and other major leaders attended the closing ceremony, all the staff of more than 700 people attended.

The closing ceremony by the Finance Department Xun Xiaoyan and the quality of the Department of Huang Yanyi presided over a total of four agenda: 1. All sing the national anthem; Second, the company leaders to the closing speech; Third, the award; Fourth, chairman of the speech.

The campaign will be divided into 10 teams by department, with a total of more than 300 athletes. There are three items: men's tug of war, women tug of war, men's basketball; personal sports are: table tennis, chess two; skills contest items are: computer typing, grinding machine, tapping, repair pimple, product assembly, The Quality of the dream team won the men's basketball crown, the production of a Wolves and the Department of the Department of the Bulls men's basketball team, third runner-up; other competitions and skills competitions have their own ownership, the company leaders and departments responsible for Awarded collectors and individuals awarded certificates and bonuses.

Executive vice president Wu Yan love speech closing speech, she first to the athletes in the game to obtain excellent results and representatives of the team to express my heartfelt congratulations, and the work of the Games were summed up at the same time for all the athletes show tenacious struggle And the spirit of unity and friendship to fully affirmed.

Chairman Yu made an important speech at the closing ceremony, first affirmed the Games as a wealth of staff amateur cultural life and promote the corporate culture of the carrier's role, and pointed out that in the Games that hard work, unity and cooperation, the courage to The spirit of pioneering into the company to promote the development and promote the construction of a strong driving force in order to achieve further enhance the work, and secondly, at the meeting to share all the members of the achievements made in 2016, but also pointed out that the company Development process in the face of difficulties, clarified the company in the next three to five years of development goals and seven major priorities, and finally, the chairman of the board to all members of the three requirements, called on all employees with more full of enthusiasm, more High morale, more excellent style, to meet the Austrian company's new challenges to achieve the company's new work of the new leap.

    The meeting of the Games is not only a review of the physical and mental qualities of employees, the level of skills and the level of sports, but also a review of the organization's discipline, spirit and corporate culture. We will take this event as a new starting point , RBI line equipment, surmount, courageously fighting, and strive to the upper reaches of the new company's new glory!