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Aoli 2016 annual middle-level leaders meeting in Zhuhai

Release Time:2016-11-07

      August 27 Austrian company staff and the middle class cadres and more than 100 people in Zhuhai Haiquan Bay Resort Uranus Hotel Atlantic Chamber held all the middle meeting.

  The only agenda of the conference is the presentation by the chairman of the company, Yu Zhaodong, on the theme of "calling for talent and self-learning". Chairman Yu's speech is divided into the following sections:

    1. Clarify the development of the company to today is in the development of the critical period or bottleneck period, during which the company will face more difficulties and challenges.

      On the one hand the company as a traditional manufacturing industry in the need for transformation and upgrading, on the other hand in the management needs to achieve from the traditional management model to the modernization of the management model of the conversion, the only way to break through the bottleneck, the company invincible, and can have Hoping to achieve faster, better, lasting and stable development, and in order to achieve this goal, the company is most pressing need a lot of management and technical personnel.

  Second, the full implementation of the company's talent development strategy:

     1. The introduction of a large number of companies in line with the development needs of various types of talent.

     2. To further strengthen the enterprise education and training, improve staff, especially the quality of personnel above the middle.

     3. Strengthen the team building, to create a distinctive team with a strong Austrian characteristics.

   Three. Self-learning, self-talent. To meet the company's development needs, self-learning, improve the overall quality of comprehensive, and comprehensively enhance the middle-level cadres, especially the core team of the company's culture, management, technology, professional quality, work in the study, progress in learning, so that employees through self- Self-talent to meet the needs of the company's development, which is the company's talent strategy is the most important and most fundamental way. So "learning" became chairman of the leading speech of the central content.

   Chairman of the staff on the meaning of independent learning, why need to learn, learn what, how to learn, personal capacity building and other aspects of a profound exposition. At the meeting also announced the company will establish a library decision, and advocate every middle of the above people adhere to read a book every month, through perseverance of learning, to achieve the overall quality of all employees to enhance, and then fundamentally enhance the company's soft Strength, hard power, help the company sustainable development.


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